Recycling part of happy day's work

16:00, Dec 27 2013

Cutting back on waste and rubbish is paying off for Z Waiwhakaiho.

As part of the inaugural Z 2013 National ‘Waste Warrior' challenge the station now recycles about 80 per cent of its waste.

Operations manager Graeme Mellow said he was really happy with the achievement and the efforts made by his staff. "It's good team work across the board," he said.

He said although some staff were initially wary of how much time would be involved, it had now become part of their daily routine. Staff use different bins to separate recycled material, including a bin for leftover food scraps, which are used for compost. The store now also uses biodegradable bags. Customers are also encouraged to help out by putting their plastics, cans and glass waste into the orange bins on the station's forecourt. Previously the station recycled only cardboard. Their rubbish bins had to be emptied twice a week.

Z Waiwhakaiho's Joe-Lee Langl said the move to recycle more meant the station was less cluttered.

"It's way better," she said.


As the station's barista she said she managed a lot of the excess packaging and although it took about a month to get used to the new process, she gave it the thumbs up.

"Now it's just easier," she said.

Mellow said he had embraced the concept and it was now in place at the Inglewood, Stratford, Hawera and Whanganui stations.

Waiwhakaiho's efforts have earned the station second place in the company's nationwide contest. The winner of the Z Waste Warrior competition was Z Belfast in Christchurch.

Taranaki Daily News