News brings rock's finder down to earth

02:28, Dec 28 2013
Corrie Linnell
EARTHBOUND: Corrie Linnell feels a bit let down after discovering his unusual rock is not a meteorite.

It's not from outer space - just a plain old rock of the common garden variety.

Meteorite specialist Joel Schiff yesterday delivered the bad news to New Plymouth man Corrie Linnell, who was hoping he might have discovered something special in his Spotswood backyard.

Photographs were all the evidence Mr Schiff needed to determine its terrestrial provenance.

"It is definitely not a meteorite but an ordinary terrestrial rock that is utterly worthless," he said.

Mr Linnell wasn't too surprised.

"I had an inkling it wouldn't be a meteorite," he said.


But he is still curious about the unusually heavy rock.

He intends to see a local geologist in the new year.

The rock remained on Trade Me with a hefty $1 million starting bid as people enjoyed taking a look and commenting however as of today the listing seems to have been taken down.

The listing had received 758 views since an article appeared in the Daily News earlier this week with meteorite enthusiasts offering ways to determine its origins.

A magnetic test was suggested by a couple of Trade Me users, and others have tried to determine its monetary value.

"It's been a bit of fun," Mr Linnell said.

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