Sneer sends teen's cracker soaring

20:01, Dec 30 2013

A derogatory comment helped push a Taranaki teen's invention into the Trade Me 10 most viewed auctions of 2013.

Ayla Hutchinson, 14, of Tariki, came up with the Kindling Cracker after she saw her mum slice her finger cutting firewood.

The item's Trade Me listing, which ran from October 9 to 19, got 45,900 views and a barrage of positive comments, with a smattering of negativity in-between, Ayla's father, Vaughan Hutchinson, said.

One user's comment implied that Kiwi kids needed to learn how to use an axe, which opened a can of worms as Trade Me users flocked to stand up for Ayla's piece of ingenuity.

"The whole of New Zealand jumped on it and defended her," said Mr Hutchinson.

As a result of the battle of questions and answers, he said the auction "went mental," and the device eventually sold for $1000.


Since then the family had been inundated with requests for the Kindling Cracker from as far away as Alaska and Sweden.

He said the Department of Conservation was looking at putting one in each of their huts.

The device allowed firewood to be cut without an axe.

Paul Ford of Trade Me said the "Q and A battle" probably helped get the listing's views up.

"It was also a nice feel good story about a Kiwi kid doing good," he said.

The number one most viewed item on Trade Me this year was a "possessed" printer, which got 845,265 views.

Taranaki Daily News