Young ballerina accepted into top shelf programme

02:05, Jan 02 2014
Asia-Rose Blowfield
TERRIFIC TALENT: Asia-Rose Blowfield, 10, of New Plymouth, has been accepted into New Zealand School of Dance’s National Scholars programme.

Asia-Rose Blowfield is one step closer to achieving her dream of being a world class ballerina.

The 10-year-old St Josephs School pupil was both "shocked and excited" to learn she has been accepted into New Zealand School of Dance's National Scholars programme.

"I was not expecting it because there were so many good people out there," she said.

Asia-Rose said she had had her eyes on the programme for a long time.

"I cannot imagine my life without dancing in it," she said.

She is among the 10 dancers nationwide to be accepted into the prestigious programme, giving budding ballerinas the chance to train with renowned tutors at NZSD.


There are six levels within the programme, with students entering at level one when they are in Year 6.

Asia-Rose has been accepted into both the programme's level one and level two classes. Her first training session starts on February 22 and she will travel to Wellington with her family for a day of pirouettes and twirls.

Asia-Rose started dancing lessons at the Patten Academy of Dance before moving to the Lynn Gilbert-Smith dance school.

The hardworking ballerina, who has been dancing since she was 3 years old, gets up at 6am three times a week to train by herself for two hours before heading to school.

Once classes are over, Asia-Rose would train for another hour under the watchful eye of dance tutor Lynn Gilbert-Smith.

Asia-Rose's dedication paid off and last year alone, the young girl hauled home a total of 43 trophies won from various competitions around New Zealand.

She dreams that one day she will be part of the Royal New Zealand Ballet as they are always "happy dancing" when on stage.

Her advice to others wanting to pursue a career in dance is to "keep up the hard work and never let your dreams go".

Parents Ambrose and Jo said the number of items Asia-Rose had broken in their home while finetuning her moves was a testament to her passion for dance.

"She's a kid who is perpetually in motion," Mr Blowfield said. "She's always leaping off couches and breaking things."

Mrs Blowfield said her daughter was all "flying legs and arms" at home.

Mrs Gilbert-Smith said her pupil is a "happy little dancer".

"She's got a lot of natural talent and it's very rewarding to be able to extend and develop her talent," she said.

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