Charlotte, James top baby names in region

16:00, Jan 01 2014

Taranaki's most popular baby names for 2013 have a solid, traditional ring to them.

Charlotte was top of the list for girls while James headed the boys' list compiled from birth notices published in the Taranaki Daily News throughout the year.

They replaced Olivia and Jack as the most popular names in New Zealand for 2012. Only one Olivia and one Jack were recorded in Taranaki last year, though Jackson appeared twice on the list.

In a year dominated by a royal birth, only one George was recorded in Taranaki but there were no Kates or Williams. However, Kate Middleton's celebrity sister Pippa struck a chord with two sets of Taranaki parents.

Sophie and Emma remained popular but some newcomers also appeared in the girls' column, with Elsie, Poppy and Aria finding favour. Milla and Mila appeared more than once, as did Harper.

For boys, Thomas remains high on the list but Roman, Rocco and Archie now match him for popularity.


Elektra, Jocasta, Adonijah and Ibanez were among the more unusual one-offs.

To the uninitiated, Elektra is the female ninja assassin in a Marvel's Comics book and her character was played by actress Jennifer Garner in the 2005 movie of the same name.

Ibanez is a brand of guitar while Adonijah is of Hebrew origin and was the name of King David's fourth son. Jocasta was the Queen of Thebes in Greek mythology.

Joining in the unique names category are Braxton, Enzo, Indigo and Indi.

Taranaki Daily News