No brain, no lane

19:30, Jan 02 2014

Who is the brain-dead kook that decided to cut out the passing lanes between Bell Block and Waitara?

Obviously, he does not drive there!

What happens when you visit the nursery, both entering and exiting? Very dangerous! What happens when there are farm vehicles moving along this stretch of road at 30-40kmh (this is quite regular)?

And why, may I ask, as temporary as it is, is it that the 80kmh signs are not as the law requires - 200m apart?

Yes, keep the 80kmh permanently from Bell Block right through to Waitara, but for goodness sake, open the passing lanes!

And please put a little thought into what you do next, and get rid of the idiot that was in charge of making this chaos happen in the first place.

A little common sense, and being local, would help so much.




Taranaki Daily News