No-second-chances ad goes viral

02:29, Jan 08 2014

The ad is about people making fatal errors, but transport safety campaigners believe its success is no mistake.

"Mistakes" is the latest NZ Transport Agency advertisement targeting speeding drivers.

It paints the grim message that the road is no place to learn from your mistakes. And it appears a large number of people are happy to take up the lesson.

Yesterday, just a day after the video was posted on Youtube, it had clocked more than 120,000 views. And social media sites were abuzz with comments.

That's music to the ears of NZTA national media manager Andrew Knackstedt.

He said he was not surprised with the ad's uptake as people were very engaged with social media these days.


"We've seen really strong responses through social media and a lot of sharing and commenting and re-tweeting, which is all really positive because it all helps get the message out there and get people talking."

The campaign targets drivers who "don't consider [their driving] to be wrong or anti-social because it's not really ‘speeding' in their minds.

"They typically drive a bit faster than the posted speed limit or other traffic."

Sergeant Stephen Richardson, of Central Districts road policing, supported the advertisement's message.

He said often when drivers made a mistake there was no chance to learn from it.

"They can have disastrous consequences," Mr Richardson said.

"We want to reduce the risk and we don't want people to die from making silly mistakes and speed is the No 1 contributor."

Taranaki Daily News