Council forced to rethink parking around library

16:00, Jan 07 2014

Car parking spots around New Plymouth's Puke Ariki library are in for another rejig as the council looks to find the perfect parking combination for the area.

The New Plymouth District Council has been under pressure to make changes after fielding complaints about parked cars on King St obstructing entry to an apartment car park there. The adjacent shared space on Brougham St has become a parking free-for-all after 5pm with the area outside the library often a tangle of cars parked any which way.

The proposal is to swap the side of the angle car parks on King St from the north to the south and turn the shared space area in front of the library into a five minute loading zone from 6am to 5pm.

Outside of those times parking would be banned in the area altogether.

Council projects manager Andrew Barron said making the shared space a five-minute loading zone would enable business deliveries to be made and people to be dropped off in front of the library.

"With lower King St, we'll be making it clearer that the parallel car parks are free for 30 minutes while the angled parks are pay by space," he said. "Switching the angled parks to the south side of the street will also give more room to apartment residents driving in and out of their off-street car park on the corner of King and Brougham."


Lower Brougham St was redeveloped into a share space in 2012 at a cost of $1.28 million.

There are no parking restrictions operating for much of the shared space but the council can issue $60 tickets for inconsiderate parking.

Inconsiderate parking is defined as vehicles not parked with due care or without reasonable consideration for other road users.

More information and feedback forms are available at the library and on the council website. Consultation on the proposal runs until 5pm on January 17.

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