Mother-in-law's present unwanted

21:39, Jan 07 2014

The Taranaki resident selling a Christmas present of "ugly cheese knives" from his mother-in-law on Trade Me has discovered she regifted them to him after the unwanted knives had sat in her garage for years.

Trade Me user aslan19 admitted on the online auction listing yesterday he was selling the gift from his mother-in-law because they were "not really my cup of tea".

In reply to questions he said:

"I received these from my mother-in-law (surprise surprise)."

He then went on to say it was unlikely the mother-in-law would find out her gift was being sold because she lived in Auckland.

"So unless this makes national news (which I highly doubt) she will never know." Oops.


It turns out they weren't his mother-in-law's cup of tea either, aslan19 posted in a comment on the auction this morning after it did make national news.

"I just spoke to my [mother-in-law] and confessed, and she laughed and made a confession of her own, these WERE gifted to her a few years ago, and she thought they were awful too, they had been sitting in her garage and she thought maybe I could do something with them!"

Selling unwanted Christmas gifts on Trade Me is increasingly popular in spite of the ethical grey area in which the practice resides.

Aslan19 is not alone trying to profit off an unwanted Christmas gift. Across the country more than 6000 Christmas gifts are currently for sale on Trade Me.

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