Riders help town set new world record

16:00, Jan 13 2014

Taranaki has scootered itself to a Guinness World Record.

The attempt on December 8 last year to set the record for the world's largest kick scooter parade was a success and is now an official record.

The 3.2 kilometre journey from Te Rewa Rewa bridge to East End Reserve in New Plymouth was made by 489 riders on push scooters, which look like skateboards with handlebars.

"We're stoked to get the record, which is a great reflection of the scootering community we have in the district," Let's Go's travel planner Liz Beck said.

"Since June 2012 more than 5600 children have completed Let's Go scooter skills training in schools so we knew New Plymouth had plenty of keen scooter riders, but we had no idea how many would turn up on the day."

Whether or not the record makes it into the Guinness World Record book is up to the publishers.


"We supplied some awesome photos, so fingers crossed our record makes the grade and becomes part of the next book," said Ms Beck.

In addition to the almost 500 scooterers on the day, there was a crew of parents supporting the record setters as well as 30 volunteers and officials to authenticate the entry.

The procession was led by New Zealand pro scooter riders. And as for retaining the title?

"The challenge is out there for the whole world now and if we have to defend our title, we will," said Ms Beck.

It was the first time an attempt had been made to set the record and Guinness had set the criteria. There had to be at least 250 riders who needed to complete the 3.2km ride each with no more than two scooter lengths between participants on the way.

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