NCEA smiles abound

16:00, Jan 15 2014
NCEA level 1
SWEET SUCCESS: From left, 16-year-olds Mela Bates, Stephanie Lina, Jessica Saward and Adele Smith celebrate their success in passing NCEA level 1 yesterday. 

Plenty of smiles, but tears for some was the story yesterday morning as students sprang from bed to view their NCEA results online.

New Plymouth Boys' High School student Reuben MacLeod logged on to the NZQA website about 7.45am and wasn't completely sure what he would find.

"I got off to a rough start last year," he said.

"I did better later in the year though, so I thought I should pass."

The 16-year-old was stoked to find out this year he had passed.

Reuben said NCEA wasn't too difficult and most of his friends had passed as well.


He said some of his friends were so sure they would pass, because of their results throughout the year, they didn't even bother to turn up for exams.

"They went to get whitebait fritters on the day of the exam - that's how confident they were."

Sacred Heart Girls' College student, Kiana Burkett, 16, said she logged on to check her results about 7.30am.

"I knew I would pass because I already had 90 credits but I checked anyway," she said.

Despite traffic troubles on the NZQA website last year Kiana said she had no trouble logging onto the website.

New Plymouth Girls' High School students, Dayna Tawa, 15 and Ella Hodson, 16, also had no issues logging on to the site.

They said they had a few friends who had not sat their NCEA exams because they thought they would pass without the extra credits.

Dayna said she was fairly confident she would pass and logged on about 8am to find she was right.

Ella said she wasn't entirely sure.

"I thought it would be close," she said.

She was ecstatic to find she had passed and would be able to move on to year 12.

It was a different story for 16-year-old Angelica Lydia, who was a bit gutted she didn't pass.

The Stratford High School student said she really struggled with the standards compared with the previous year.

"All the problems seemed way harder than last year,"Angelica said.

She was optimistic about the new year and she would go back and repeat year 12.

"I'll try way harder the next time around," she said.

Oren Oaariki is a Whitireia journalism school student

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