Million is just waiting

00:33, Jan 22 2014
tdn lotto stand
Westown Lotto owner Morrie Collins

Someone is sitting on an unclaimed million dollar lottery ticket and the man who sold it wants to track them down.

A month has passed since Westown Lotto sold its winning Lotto triple dip ticket but the cash has yet to be collected.

Owner Morrie Collins said winning tickets were usually claimed straight away but not this time around.

"Please just come and collect it," he said yesterday.

"I want to give it away."

Mr Collins said it was possible the owner was either still on holiday or had forgotten to check their ticket.


"Or the worse case scenario, the ticket is in the rubbish bin," he said.

Earlier in the day, he was informed by a customer who had heard on the news that the winnings had been claimed by an Australian. But a quick call to Lotto's help desk confirmed that was not the case.

"They said nope, it hasn't been claimed," he said.

Mr Collins said it was not unusual for prizes to go unclaimed but he wants to give the money away.

"With that amount of money, sitting in the bank on standard bank rates, that would be $800 interest a week," he said.

Winners have 12 months to collect their prize before it goes to the Lotto Trust to be distributed through grants around the Taranaki region.

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