Thieves spoil tourists' Taranaki experience

01:38, Jan 24 2014
Doron Kogut and Shahar Deby,
TRAVELLING LIGHT: A car belonging to Israeli tourists Doron Kogut, 22, and Shahar Deby, 21, was broken into at Inglewood on Wednesday night.

Taranaki's welcome has been far from warm for two Israeli tourists.

A car belonging to Shahar Deby and Doron Kogut was broken into and their belongings stolen at Inglewood on Wednesday night.

The duo parked outside a host family's house in Cutfield St for the night and woke to find their stuff gone. "The two left doors were open and our bags were gone," Ms Deby said.

The 21-year-old lost an expensive camera and a smaller 50-litre bag, carrying hiking shoes and a sleeping bag, but her companion was less fortunate.

"All my stuff, clothes, sleeping bag, shoes are gone," the 22-year-old Ms Kogut said.

Their GPS, tent and important medication were also nabbed - an estimated $4000 worth of goods.


Fortunately the pair's passports, travel documents and credit cards were not in the car at the time.

The women will contact the Israel embassy when they head to Wellington tomorrow.

They plan to cross on the Cook Strait ferry on Sunday.

They bought the car in Auckland when they arrived two weeks ago, and planned to drive around the country, camping or staying with hosts until March.

The duo were set to be in Taranaki for two days, and hoped to take a trip up the mountain.

However, they spent yesterday finding medication and replacing belongings, before returning to Inglewood.

Despite their misfortune, Ms Deby said they were still optimistic.

"It's a beautiful place.

"With our insurance we will be fine," she said.

Senior Constable Gary Childs said it appeared the car had not been tampered with but the women were certain the doors were locked.

"New Zealand is a lovely country but unfortunately there are still people out there that are opportunistic," Mr Childs said.

"They could have been walking by and happened to see it," he said.

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