18:47, Jan 23 2014

Love thy neighbour

Long before it made front page news, the highly thrifty team at Unreported had our eye on the house in Hawera next to the Black Power headquarters. Frankly for $40,000 we would be willing to put up with parties and a fair bit of noise. And now since learning the gang would be willing to help their new neighbour with any problem they had, we are keener than ever. Though something tells us they weren't talking about the sort of problem which requires a cup of sugar and an egg to fix.

Drama unnoticed

It was no easy fix at Port Taranaki on Monday when a chemical reaction on the cargo vessel Poavosa Wisdom caused a fire- scare and then a rare and expensive evacuation of the entire facility. It really was high drama and Taranaki Daily News photographers scrambled to the lee breakwater for pictures of the smoking boat and ever-so-brave firefighting efforts. But it seems the emergency may not have been as big as the reaction it caused as two fishermen were sitting on the rocks and staring straight at the "fire" completely unaware anything was going on. "Well, now we know," one said as he looked across at the smoke. "But only coz yous told us."

Butt of bowlers

There was no chance of missing Zuka the cat at the Vogeltown bowling club on Monday. The furry feline bounded on to the green and began fiddling with the jack, that small white ball bowlers generally try to aim for. It was funny stuff and the small team at Unreported were having a good chuckle about it until things took a decidedly adult turn. Frankly, the jokes that flowed from the incident were not something we expected from a bunch of old fellas dressed in white. And though shocked, we must admit bowling suddenly seems a lot more fun.


Let's not be 'dicks'

And fun is something the world always needs more of. Which is why we are pleased lawyers acting for Sandford Industries Ltd are having a bit of a laugh by asking everyone to stop using the word "jandal" to describe, well, jandals. Frankly we agree that you have to move to protect your rights. In fact, it is a little known fact that Unreported is currently seeking to trademark "sunnies", "boardies" and "beanie". However, because we have a modicum of media training and the tiniest amount of public relations savvy we're not going to send everyone big legal-type letters and be "dicks" about it, a term which we are incidentally also hoping to trademark. Word up.

Tweet of the week

@ADHamill: A policy that the teachers' unions and the Right wing think tanks are equally in favour of. Wait, what? I think a unicorn just flew past.

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