Canines galore at council dog walk

22:39, Jan 28 2014
Lee Coneglan with dog Kizzie  stand
Lee Coneglan with dog Kizzie

It was a dog's life yesterday evening, as about 80 canines took part in the Te Rewa Rewa Dog Walk.

Organised by the New Plymouth District Council, the walk started at the pound in Waiwhakaiho and took its participants on a tour of the area as far as the Te Rewa Rewa bridge.

"We had a barking good time," Jim Aitken, the council's senior animal control officer said.

"It was marvellous. There was not a single fight, there wasn't even a growl. Everyone was just rapt."

There were plenty of dog toys to be given away, supplied by the event's sponsor, the New Plymouth Vet Group.

And a generous amount of donations of puppy and kitten food from participants had left the SPCA's pantry well stocked, Mr Aitken said.


For dogless dogsbodies keen to join in the fun, the SPCA and pound supplied dog-friends for the evening, though who would be walking whom was hard to tell.

Sam Fenney, who works at the council's call centre, took Odie, a french mastiff who was up for adoption from the pound, for an evening stroll, and Christine Mora was there with her 6-year-old miniature pinscher Ozzy, who she said had come from the pound also.

The event was part of a series of guided walks between January and March this year, and this is the second dog walking event.

The next will be the Waiwhakaiho Waggy Walk on February 19.

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