Mixed reception for council's logo

03:28, Jan 29 2014
Stratford District Council's logo full
The former Stratford District Council's logo, left, and the new design which was approved by a narrow margin.

Stratford District Council's logo is about to undergo a makeover, but not all of its councillors are happy with the move.

At yesterday's monitoring committee, the proposed logo was adopted but only just, with four of the 10 councillors voting against it and one, Graham Kelly, choosing not to vote at all.

One of the design's most vocal critics was councillor John Sandford.

He said the new design looked more like an advertisement for an artificial insemination seminar.

"I don't like it, I think it's shocking," he said. Mr Sandford said he did not think there was anything wrong with the council's current logo, which has been used since 1989.

The new look was defended by council chief executive Sue Davidson, who said she had received positive feedback about the change and it would modernise the council's stationery and signage.


"From time to time, even logos that have been around for a while need to be refreshed."

Mrs Davidson said the emblem had been developed by Witt design students after the old logo was considered outdated.

The new logo includes references to the mountain, river and the Forgotten World Highway and has a red and black colour scheme.

In June last year, the council's search for a new town logo hit the headlines after a Christchurch company presented mock-ups of their ideas to councillors that had images superimposed which showed the wrong side of Mt Taranaki.

At that stage the council decided local artists should be given the chance to come up with some ideas.

It is likely the new logo will be phased in over the next few months, as the council has a stockpile of about $40,000 worth of stationery, envelopes and rates invoices with the old design on it.

Mrs Davidson said most of the council's signage would also be changed by July 1.

The cost to replace signs and council uniforms is about $25,266, with a further $40,000 budgeted for stationery and other administrative changes.

Also, included in the 2012/2013 budget was $70,000 to cover costs related to the council branding. That will be discussed by council at a later date.

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