Shot man's mate tells of bar plot

Dwayne Ingram
Dwayne Ingram

A prison inmate yesterday told how he plotted with police shooting victim Adam Morehu and a third man to burgle New Plymouth's Westbar and Cafe.

Dwayne Ingram is currently serving a jail sentence after pleading guilty to the burglary with Morehu on June 6, two days before Morehu was fatally shot at the Ngamotu golf course during a burglary.

Ingram also admitted to a second burglary - again with Morehu - of Mag and Tyre Direct in Molesworth St, New Plymouth.

At the time Ingram pleaded guilty last year he said his mate's death had scared him into going straight.

Yesterday in the New Plymouth District Court Ingram gave evidence for the Crown against a third man, Joshua Ian Paul, 31.

Paul denies he was a party to the 3.30am burglary of the Westbar and Cafe on June 6 which netted Ingram and Morehu $6000.

Paul's lawyer, Julian Hannam told the jury that Paul did not aid Morehu. There was no assistance given to anyone with an eye to a burglary, Hannam said.

However the Crown case is that Paul had inside knowledge of the bar because his girlfriend worked at Westbar.

CCTV footage inside the bar shows two men going straight to the money drawer behind the bar, jemmying it open and leaving in just 30 seconds.

Because of the speed of the smash and grab the burglars must have had inside knowledge, the Crown says.

And it was Paul who had shared the bar's layout with Ingram telling them where the money was kept, the Crown alleges.

Paul had done so expecting to get a cut from the proceeds but had never received it because Morehu maintained that Paul owed him money.

From the witness box yesterday Ingram, 32, told Crown prosecutor Nina Elliott he was currently in Whanganui Prison.

Ingram told Elliott he and Morehu were best mates since they first met up at PD (periodic detention, now called community work) about "10-15 years ago".

Ingram said his nickname was "D-nuts".

When Elliott asked what he and Morehu did together Ingram replied they smoked weed, took drugs, did burglaries, went to the beach and rode motor bikes.

They had been drug dealing since they were about 19.

Ingram said he would go over to Paul's New Plymouth home where they would "do deals and have a pipe" (smoke methamphetamine).

He was aware Paul's partner, Vicky, worked at Westbar and had told Paul that Morehu and he intended to "rob it".

Paul had drawn a layout diagram of the Westbar in the dust on the floor at Paul's house. It showed where the money was and where the windows and doors were.

"I went over there and hit Josh up and he told me," Ingram said.

A couple of nights before the burglary Ingram said he went back to double check with Paul he had the right information.

Paul and Ingram discussed Paul's cut.

"He ended up not getting anything. He expected to get 10 per cent," Ingram said.

Elliott read texts out to Ingram which were between him, Morehu and Paul. Ingram asked Morehu what Paul's share would be.

Morehu texted to Ingram that Paul could get a quarter gram of methamphetamine and that he wanted to buy Paul's Ford.

Ingram will continue to give evidence today when the trial is expected to finish.

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