Council wheels out new approach to recycling

18:34, Feb 03 2014

Wheelie bins for recycling will be put up for consideration by New Plymouth district councillors.

The council's general manager of infrastructure Jim Willson said he hoped the proposed system would encourage people to recycle more.

"Retaining the current collection system isn't an option, for a number of reasons," Mr Willson said.

"The Colson Rd landfill will be closed in five or six years, at which time we'll be transporting our waste to a central landfill and paying for the disposal," he said.

It is hoped the more expensive wheelie bin system will encourage more people to recycle.

If the proposed system is approved, in 2015/16 the targeted rate would be $106 in that year. In comparison, the current system would potentially cost $87.


Under the proposed system, 60-litre plastic rubbish bags would still be collected weekly, but changes would be made to the way recycling was collected.

Recycling would be collected fortnightly and homes would be provided with a 240 litre bin for mixed recyclables and a crate for glass.

This would replace the current weekly collection of recyclables.

According to the council, 65 per cent of households now put out recycling at the kerbside, expected to rise to about 90 per cent with the introduction of a bin and crate for recyclables.

The proposed system will be considered by community boards next week and by the monitoring committee on February 25.

In 2012 the council binned three proposals for improved rubbish collection that had been included in its long-term plan.

A new kerbside collection contract will start in October 2015.

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