Healthy options not brain food

Unreported isn't usually in the game of doling out congratulations, but we believe the Taranaki Regional Council deserves a thumbs up for its latest changes.

After a hiatus overseas a reporter returned to council meetings this week to find lunch at the event had gone from the traditional cream buns and pies, to a strange and healthy platter of sushi, paired with a big bowl of fruit.

While she was impressed with the offerings, she was a little miffed when three of the councillors she had been dealing with for more than a year introduced themselves to her and asked who she was.

Maybe healthy food isn't all it's stacked up to be. Stick to the pies, guys.

Tough to get it right

The small team at Unreported often raise an eyebrow at PR people and snigger about them turning to the "dark side".

This week we realised just how difficult their job can be, when a senior communications person for a local government organisation accidentally sent us an unfinished press release, complete with mistakes, a list of things to fix, and sentences that had to be changed to get the right angle across.

We'd just like to point out that now that we know how long it takes to write a press release, and how one must agonise over a single sentence, we understand why PR people never phone us back when we are on to a "bad news" story.

But it's OK - we too like cute yarns about little kids eating well. All 400 of them that we get sent a year.

Court report slip-up

PR people are not the only ones who make mistakes, though.

The small team at Unreported have occasionally stumbled red-faced into the office, bowing our heads and searching for a gap in the floor to fall into.

However, earlier this week our faces were red after laughing at a boo-boo made by our rival - The New Zealand Herald.

In announcing the verdict in a murder case The Herald referred to the Crown persecutor. While it may have been a mistake, we think the convicted killer would have found the prosecutor to be quite the persecutor indeed.

Tweet of the week

@Sportsfreakconz: "Wish we had non political/more peaceful national holiday like Spain has with the running of the bulls."

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