Mother and good samaritan keen to build a friendship

16:00, Feb 07 2014

Two Taranaki women have been brought together by a lift door.

Nikki Stupples spoke to the Taranaki Daily News on Tuesday appealing for the woman who helped her when she was separated from her 2-week-old baby when the door of a lift at Centre City began to close on her pram.

After the story was published, she was contacted by New Plymouth woman Cathryn Grey, who had looked after Mrs Stupples' baby, Max, while she was separated from him by the elevator door.

"She looked my phone number up in the book and we chatted on the phone. We have a lot in common.

"There's a few funny coincidences - she had the same thing happen to her. She sounds like quite an amazing woman. I'm keen to keep in touch with her," Mrs Stupples said.

One of Mrs Stupples' main concern's was whether she has thanked Mrs Grey for her help - and it turns out in her state of panic, she had not forgotten her manners.

"She said I did actually say thank you to her."

Mrs Grey, who had on a separate occasion, had the lift door close on her own pram, was also keen to maintain a friendship with Mrs Stupples.

"I think this will bring us together because I'm a mum with a young baby too."


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