River discolouration a 'natural' event

The Stoney River
The Stoney River

Changing water colour in Okato's Stoney River during the weekend was caused by a natural event, the Taranaki Regional Council says.

The Taranaki Daily News was alerted to the discolouration in the river on Sunday and went to investigate.

The river was a brown-ish gray colour and the TRC was advised.

Director of resource management Fred McLay yesterday confirmed the discolouration was caused by a "natural event" sourced from the mountain.

Mr McLay said a council officer investigated and determined there was no adverse effects to the environment or people.

"It was discoloured but normally these sort of events quickly pass."

Mr McLay said the event, which caused the river to run a gray brown with orange tinges, was not necessarily caused by erosion but could have been due to seepage.

Mt Taranaki is rich in iron.

Last November the Waiwhakaiho River ran bright orange, a phenomenon TRC lab results confirmed was due to iron oxide.

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