Rainfall increased region's river flows

Taranaki rainfall statistics released yesterday for January show what most of us already knew - it was a wet start to 2014.

Taranaki Regional Council figures show rainfall for the month ranged from 95.5mm at Charlie's Clearing, 96 per cent of the average, to 168.5mm at Te Kiri, 203 per cent of the average.

The Mangorei air temperature site recorded the highest reading for the month of 28.1 degrees Celsius while Stratford recorded the coolest mean temperature for town centres of 14.7 degreesC.

Hydrology officer Fiona Jansma said the majority of the rainfall was recorded during the first seven days followed by the odd rainy day during the rest of the month.

Due to the high rainfall, river flows were all above January averages, she said.

"The most significant of these was the Waitara River at Bertrand Rd, which had a mean flow of 50,283 litres per second, which is 14,786 litres per second higher than the long term January mean," Mrs Jansma said.

The higher than normal flows also impacted on water temperatures.

"The water temperatures were between 1.29 degrees Celsius to 2.26 degrees Celsius lower than their January means."

Soil moisture readings for the region were a mixed bag with Okoki, Motunui, Te Kiri and Manaia recording above normal for the month while the Pohokura Saddle, Cape Egmont, Patea and Waitotara Valley were below normal.

Kahui Hut in the National Park recorded the highest number of rain days with 20 while Patea had the lowest with 12.

Taranaki Daily News