Okato water leak neglected - resident

16:00, Feb 10 2014
Graham Whittaker
WET WET WET: Okato resident Graham Whittaker said the council had failed to fix a month-old leak. 

A water leak that sprang more than a week ago has an Okato resident hopping mad.

Graham Whittaker complained to the council late last month about a leak at the Okato Domain, which he says has not been fixed.

After calling the New Plymouth District Council three times and being told the leak would be stopped, water was still pooling in about four places at the park yesterday.

Mr Whittaker said he felt as if his community was not being looked after by the council.

"Every time we get a problem out here the council ignores us," the 70-year-old said.

But council parks manager Mark Bruhn said Okato was not being ignored, pointing out the town's recently built playground.


He said the council was keen to solve such problems, especially in summer when the water supply was under pressure.

"We have fixed four leaks at the domain, but the pipe might need replacing."

At the Okato Domain yesterday, a patch of loose, dry dirt indicated a hole may have been recently dug to repair one of the leaks.

Mr Whittaker said a leak had sprung in the same place a few years ago, during a drought.

"I called them three times. It got fixed eventually, after I told them I would call the Daily News."

Last Friday, the council announced water use in the district had reached drought levels following a period of dry and windy weather.

Tips on the council's website to reduce water use included fixing dripping taps, and using a timer for garden sprinklers.

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