He ain't nothing but a jukebox fanatic

20:33, Feb 11 2014
Lance Adlam
LOVE ME TENDER: New Plymouth's Lance Adlam has an impressive collection of all things musical in his home, including 11 functioning jukeboxes.

Loud is the only way to listen to rock'n'roll music according to Lance Adlam.

And the New Plymouth man has a special room in his house just for that purpose, decked out with his 20-year-old jukebox and music memorabilia collection.

Mr Adlam's love of music has been lifelong and he has a particular interest in tunes from the 1950s and 60s. "It's all those singers, not just Elvis."

He and wife Lyn have amassed 11 jukeboxes, countless records and other collector items - either found or gifted to them - over the years.

Mr Adlam, who is due to retire in June, said he often spent a hour or so every weekend listening to music while he dusted and maintained his unique set.

His music room is also a popular venue for his wife and her friends to spend some down time.


"She comes down with her mates and has a bit of a dance," he explained.

Mr Adlam said his hobby came out of a desire to preserve a slice of musical history. Although he had never played in a band himself, his life has been heavily influenced by music.

"I'm inspired by it all."

Most of his jukebox set had been sourced via the internet or a local supplier - each one taking several months to restore to its former glory.

"I can spend two to three months tinkering."

One of his own creations, which he built out of leftover parts boasts a built-in screen and comes complete with microphones for a spot of karaoke.

The couple's music room, which has its own disco ball and bar stools, is an impressive sight for visitors who come for a look.

Mr Adlam said people enjoyed the range of music he was able to play to them, all at the push of a couple of buttons.

"I still find the young ones who come in here are blown away," he said.

Mr Adlam said his retirement project will be to catalogue his extensive record collection and finish off the three jukeboxes waiting in his garage for a much needed overhaul.

Although he had no idea how much his private collection was worth, it was not something he or his wife had ever considered selling.

In fact, it's Mr Adlam himself who often has to compensate his wife when he decides to add to the collection.

"I have to buy the wife a lot of dresses each time I buy a jukebox."

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