Tank-filling error halts 91-octane supply

20:01, Feb 11 2014
Hawera's Z service station
WRONG FUEL: Work began yesterday at Hawera's Z service station to pump out the 91 petrol tank after diesel was mistakenly discharged into it over the weekend.

Drivers putting diesel in the petrol tank is nothing new - but a tanker driver's effort will take some beating.

On Saturday, a tanker driver mistakenly discharged diesel into the 91 petrol tank at Hawera's Z service station.

Z spokesman Jonathan Hill said the error, which happened at the South Rd station about 9am, was noticed immediately but the tank had to be quarantined. No 91 octane petrol had been available for sale from the pumps since.

Work to rectify the problem began yesterday and includes the tank being fully pumped out and thoroughly cleaned before it can be filled again.

Mr Hill said the cleanup should be finished by Thursday or Friday this week. He said this type of event was rare and the cause of it had yet to be investigated.

At this stage Mr Hill was unable to comment on just how much money the error has cost the company. "There will be some cost impact to us," said Mr Hill.


He said the main complaint had been from drivers not being able to buy 91 petrol.

He said until it was available for sale again, the Hawera station will sell 95 petrol at the current 91 price. As of yesterday, Z was selling 91 petrol at $2.15 a litre and 95 at $2.23 a litre.

Hawera mechanic Greg Dietschin said although most modern cars were able to run on both 91 and 95 octane petrol there were some cars that could not.

He said if people were in doubt about what types of petrol their car could take they should doublecheck before filling up or go elsewhere for their 91 petrol in the meantime.

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