Police driver may have been at fault in T-bone crash

02:30, Feb 12 2014
Stratford smash
BENT AND BROKEN: Kristian Slack's Three Series BMW station wagon was written off after being T-boned by a police car in Stratford.

The police Serious Crash Unit is investigating a collision that wrote off a patrol car and a BMW in Stratford.

The crash happened at the intersection of Pembroke Rd and Broadway, State Highway Three, about 11.30pm on Saturday February 1, while police were on their way to a job.

The speed limit in the area is 50kmh.

The patrol car was travelling along Pembroke Rd and is alleged to have gone through an intersection controlled by a stop sign, T-boning the 2008 Three Series BMW belonging to New Plymouth's Kristian Slack.

Detective Sergeant Mike Aro, Stratford, said the Serious Crash Unit was assisting police from outside of Taranaki with the investigation.

The police car did not have its lights and siren on, he said.


"It appears that the patrol car has gone through the stop sign, at this stage."

The officer in the police car was not injured in the crash and was back at work.

Mr Aro said it was a regrettable incident that police would investigate thoroughly.

"The amount of time that police spend out on the road, it's your worst nightmare to have a crash."

He said if the officer was found to be at fault they would face the same penalties as a member of the public.

"I don't want to pre-empt any inquiry or investigation but police are subject to the same laws as everybody else and if there is fault found I'm sure that the right action will be taken."

Mr Slack said he had bought the car, which was insured, because of its safety features.

He had loaned the high-performance BMW, which he had owned for a year, to his brother and sister-in-law, who were visiting from Ashburton, to go to a wedding in Hawera.

After getting a phone call following the crash Mr Slack said his first thoughts were for the safety of his relatives.

"I was just thankful that my brother-in-law, who was sitting in the passenger's seat was able to walk away from it," he said.

"If it had been an older or less well equipped car they could've been seriously injured."

Mr Slack said the crash "was one of those things that was totally avoidable."

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