Rapping out message about simple healthy living

16:00, Feb 13 2014
Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy
SPREADING THE WORD: Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy is getting the message out that being fit and healthy does not have to be complicated.

Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy proved she walked the talk yesterday when she demonstrated a couple of fitness moves while wearing high-heeled boots.

The Australian fitness expert was in Taranaki this week spreading the word about healthy living to school children and adults. The health and fitness message had become too complicated, she said.

"Every time I open my mouth about health and fitness someone argues about whether that is a good exercise or not.

"Everybody has an opinion.

"We need to find something that is not arguable."

So, she has come up with five absolutes, which she has been explaining to children via little raps. Be happy, be happy, is number one. "People say: I'll be happy when . . .," she said.


"Be happy regardless.

"You live in New Zealand and it's a fantastic place to live."

Number two is also a rap.

"Drink more water till you've got clear wees." The children got right into it, she said.

"A guy tapped me on the shoulder in a supermarket on the Gold Coast and he's got to be 50 or older. I've got long clear wees because of you. He's a complete stranger. I said: I'm sorry sir, you'll have to explain that to me."

She had been to his son's school and the little boy had gone home and taught his family the song.

No-one was arguing people needed to eat more stuff out of the ground, she said about the third absolute. So she has a hip-hop tune about eating fruit and vegetables. "Many teenage girls aren't fat. They just have bloated stomachs because they don't eat properly."

Number four was huff and puff.

Most experts said people needed to exercise for 30 minutes a day, she said. "But for the average person 30 minutes is a long time.

"If people who are really overweight get puffed going to the letterbox, you can't tell them to keep going for another 30 minutes.

"They never will. But if you can get them to go to the letterbox four times in one day and get puffed, they get fit. And if you get fit, you burn fat faster."

"Go to a gym anywhere in the world right now and try to find a class that doesn't take an hour," she said. "But the average person gets puffed in about 30 seconds."

The final absolute is to lift heavy things, which for most people is their body weight, she said. "I want people to be healthy, fit and strong, not worried about whether they have a tight ass and 4 per cent body fat."

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