Festival film to develop before casts' eyes

18:56, Feb 15 2014
BEHIND THE LENS: Nicola King has directed Miss Kalopsi, a film about a girl and her polaroid camera.

The cast of Miss Kalopsia will be seeing their film for the very first time on Sunday night - in front of thousands of people.

Director Nicola King is Taranaki's only finalist in this year's Tropfest New Zealand and she has kept her short film top secret.

The four-minute vignette has been so well hidden that not even the leading lady has been able to have a glimpse of the final product.

Kelsi Lister, who plays Miss Kalopsia, will be seeing it for the first time tomorrow at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

Kalopsia is the delusion of seeing things being more beautiful than they are, and Mrs King said the name was was very fitting for her short film.

The idea for Miss Kalopsia, who sees the world through her 1970s SX-70 polaroid camera, came when she was getting her hair done.


While she originally cast her hairdresser in the lead role, Mrs King, who collects polaroid cameras, had to hunt out a new leading lady after her first choice moved to London.

"I found Kelsi through a friend and she was perfect. She is so intelligent and was great to work with," she said.

The film's co-editor, Will Bentley, is the only other person, aside from Tropfest officials, who has seen the final film and Mrs King said she was looking forward to watching the reactions of her cast and crew tomorrow night.

"For me, being selected was winning," she said.

Suzanne Porter, chief executive of Taranaki Arts Festival Trust, said the screening would feature 15 short films and would be a night of fun.

"The weather forecast is for sunshine so the festival gods have smiled upon us again," she said.

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