Tawhai's letter of remorse

01:26, Feb 15 2014
crash on SH3 stand
TIME FOR CHANGE: Pipes from the crash on SH3 near Urenui that killed Nancy and Ern Sutton.

To the whanau Suttons,

My name is Henry Tawhai, I was the driver of the vehicle which was involved in the accident with your koro, nanny, mum and dad, brother and sister, aunty and uncle.

I'm so very sorry for what happened on that day back in May 2012.

I will remember that day for the rest of my life. I still have nightmares of the accident, and photos of the autopsy.

Again my heart and wairua goes out to Te Whanau Suttons for your loss.

If I could change what happened on that day, I would, but as I know, I can never do that.


Hopefully these few words can start the healing, towards some kind of closure for Te Whanau Suttons.

I feel in some way I must pay for the death of your whanau members.

In what way I do not know yet, hopefully with your whanau's guidance I can find some ways to repay Te Whanau Sutton for your great loss.

I hope this can be the first step towards helping your whanau, as for me, I will continue to find a way, or ways, to celebrate the wonderful life that Mr and Mrs Sutton had. Hopefully one day I can feel at peace with my actions on that day back in May 2012.

I hope that some time in the future Te Sutton Whanau can find it in their hearts to forgive me for my involvement on that dark day.

Hopefully your whanau and myself can look to a brighter future.

With that said, once again I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Kia Kaha, kia manawanui,

kia mai.

With much arohanui

Henry Tawhai

Taranaki Daily News