Kitty's limp tells sad tale

16:00, Feb 16 2014
tdn kitten
ABANDONED AND HOMELESS: Dawson the 6-week-old kitten was found at the intersection of Dawson and Powderham streets. It is suspected he was dumped on the road or nearby.

One look at Dawson the kitten's face and it's hard to understand how someone could abandon him.

But it appears somebody did, in the middle of the busy New Plymouth intersection at Dawson and Powderham streets where he was rescued by two girls on Saturday night.

The two girls contacted North Taranaki SPCA and Dawson was picked up in the animal ambulance.

Spokeswoman for the SPCA Jackie Poles-Smith said the girls saw the 6-week-old kitten by the wheel of a car but were unable to alert the driver.

They were forced to wait until the lights changed before they ran out to grab the animal.

The kitten was too little to be out there independently and there are few houses nearby, which suggested he had been abandoned, Mrs Poles-Smith said.


"We're assuming he's been dumped from a car or somewhere nearby.

"We're hoping there's not any others out there, we'd like people to keep an eye out."

Dawson is limping on one leg which indicated he might have been thrown from a car and hurt himself.

Mrs Poles-Smith said kittens were often abandoned, although normally they were not found on the road.

"People don't desex their kittens then have unwanted litters so instead of looking after them for six weeks until they are old enough to be rehomed, they decide they don't want them and ditch them."

Dawson needs to get a little bit bigger so will go out to a foster family and in three weeks the SPCA will start looking for a permanent home, she said.

Mrs Poles-Smith also wanted to say a huge thank you to the girls who cared enough to save him.

"Even if he didn't get hit on the road he never would have survived on his own."

She urged people with unwanted cats to hand them into the SPCA instead of abandoning them, or desex animals to avoid the problem.

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