Cruze and other kids hooked

16:00, Feb 16 2014
Cruze Lawrence
CRUISE CONTROL: Cruze Lawrence, 10, from Waitara gets ready to land the big one.

Waitara lad Cruze Lawrence, 10, was up before dawn yesterday to make sure he wouldn't miss out on a day's fishing.

The Waitara Surf Casting and Angling Club held its annual Take a Kid Fishing Day at Marine Park in Waitara yesterday.

Cruze, a big fan of fishing, was awake at 1am to get ready for the day out. He got a "massive" bite on his line, but his sinker broke, he said.

But he was confident he would catch something and wasn't too fazed by his Nan saying she expected fish for dinner.

Waitara Surf Casting and Angling club president Trevor Dodunski said it was the event's 30th year.

Back at the start between 20 or 30 people turned up, but this year he estimated the turnout was around 800, Mr Dodunski said.


"Everyone is having fun. Families are fishing together and having a great day. Thanks to our sponsors."

And many of the youngsters were fishing for the first time.

The club members put their heart and soul into the event, he said.

They had rods, reels and other bits and pieces to lend to people if they didn't have the right gear or something broke.

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