They still swear by festival


It was a perfect evening for the second annual Tropfest NZ screening, but there were mixed reviews over some of the films' content.

About 8000 people turned out to enjoy picnics and a glass of wine at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands while the 14 finalists screened.

Taking out Best Director was Help, co-directed by Nicola Peeperkoorn and Andrew Cooper, a quirky, funny film about a support group leader for people with weird addictions who finds himself becoming one of them.

Phil Tennent and friend Chris Thurston, of New Plymouth, were a little dismayed by the amount of violence and obscene language in some films.

"I think we'll leave it up to the judges to sort out the swearing and the vomiting," Mrs Thurston said.

The ladies enjoyed the beautiful weather and lovely crowd.

"It's a bigger crowd than Malvina Major," Mrs Tennent said.

"We don't have enough things like this at the Bowl of Brooklands, it's just lovely," Mrs Thurston said.

Mrs Tennent said she enjoyed the Western film, Two Guns and a Funeral, in which two outlaws of the Wild West are forced to put their differences aside to save themselves from a skilled gunslinger.

Dominique Simanke, of New Plymouth, said she preferred the festival last year.

A few of the films were a bit gloomy for her.

"There was a lot of shooting in them."

She loved the New Plymouth finalist Miss Kalopsia, about a woman who lives in a fantasy world through the lens of her 1970s SX70 polaroid camera.

"It had the catchy tune and it was positive."

Ross Howarth, of New Plymouth, picked the winner before it had even been announced. "Help. I like the theme of addiction, it was very clever."

There was some foul language, but the MC did warn the films were rated M, he said.

"You wouldn't want to restrict it, parental guidance is the key I think.

"It's all in context, it's all part of the festival."

Mr Howarth also liked the locally-directed film.

"I instantly identified with the opening shot looking down at the foreshore with the railway line."


Best female actress: Lola Brown, Beaspectacled.

Best male actor: Greg Smith, Help.

Best visual effects: Adam Harvey, You Only Die Forever.

Best animated film: Daniel Pettit, The Lighthouse Keeper.

Best Maori director: Allan George, On the Rocks.

Best director: Nicola Peeperkoorn and Andrew Cooper, Help.

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