'Manipulative and deceitful' sex offender back in jail

16:00, Feb 18 2014

A manipulative sex offender with an "unhealthy interest in young girls" has been sent back to jail after continuing to have contact with children.

Eric John Barriball, 59, appeared in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to breaching his extended supervision order three times last year. He has been in custody since December last year.

His lawyer Jo Woodcock said Barriball accepted children were sometimes at the house when he visited and did not want to make excuses.

However, he had struggled after his release from prison because of the substantial restrictions on his life which resulted in him feeling socially isolated.

He had enjoyed working on cars at the house where he had formed a friendship with a male, Ms Woodcock said.

Judge Allan Roberts said Barriball failed to conform to his extended supervision orders handed down in the Christchurch court in 2009.


The order required Barriball not to associate with under 16-year-olds except under approved supervision.

He had been at the house on 45 occasions, the judge said. At least one child was always at the house and four children lived there, the judge said.

His previous convictions dated back to 1972 when he was imprisoned for serious offending and again in 1985 and 2005.

He first breached conditions in June 2010 when he was given a final warning and told prison would follow if he reoffended.

Barriball's offending was seen as deliberate and sustained, the judge said. He had refused to abide by curfews in school hours.

In working on the vehicles he was paid in both cash and cannabis, the judge said.

Barriball, who was seen as manipulative, had chosen a deliberate path in ingratiating himself with this man where he would be close to children.

"With your unhealthy interest in young females you remain very much a person at risk."

Barriball was quite deceitful in seeking to blame others, the judge said.

Barriball was sentenced to 9 months prison.

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