22:43, Feb 20 2014
tdn pig stand
Rubbish at Pig-out Point

Trade terribly timed

Even non-cricket appreciating Kiwis will undoubtedly remember where they were on the morning of February 18, 2014. Because that's the day Brendon McCullum knocked the last few runs on his now insufferably famous 302 against India. It was a classic piece of cricket history and Unreported can tell you a certain police employee was all set to watch the final moment on his iPad, even though he was hard at work in New Plymouth's District Court. However, during a break in proceedings a legal trainee thoughtlessly took the opportunity to switch the iPad to Trade Me, which simultaneously led to the officer nearly missing the historic moment and developing a heart condition.

Grownups' revenge

Sticking with hearts, it is true that the chest muscles throughout the Taranaki bubble have been at full steam ahead this week with record temperatures sending everyone flocking to the beaches, filling the pools and storming dairies for iceblocks and other cooling products. Unreported can only say we are absolutely ecstatic that summer has finally arrived. The only emotion that trumps our ecstasy is the sadness that school age children cannot enjoy the heat to its fullest as they are in school as their holidays finished ages ago.

Under the counter

OK, that's enough lying. Let's get back to the truth and start with Shane Jones and his recent kerfuffle about dodgy Australian supermarket practices in New Zealand. We're not sure whether he's right or wrong or whether the fact it's election year has anything to do with his anti-Aussie ranting. However, we do know we stopped using Countdown months ago and it's got nothing to do with them being from across the ditch. It's mostly because they don't have self checkouts and, frankly, sometimes we want to buy products we would rather no one knew we did.


Pigs need troughs

To end on a more positive note we would like to say during a recent trip around many parts of the North Island we made careful observations of rubbish bin situations at certain parks and recreational areas. We are pleased to say many of these areas were without litter even when they were also without rubbish bins. It's a shame the same result could not be had at New Plymouth's Pig-Out Point where bins have been reinstalled. Frankly, removing them was never going to work. The area is not called what it is simply because of how much food is eaten there but also because of a certain type of person that frequents it.

Tweet of the week

@CateOwen: For a laugh I looked at properties for sale in Auckland in my price range. You know what came up? Car parks. Email: Unreported@dailynews.co.nz. Twitter: @Unreportable.

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