Cookie Monster says 'Nom, nom, nom!'

20:32, Feb 25 2014
Te Henui Guides
SWEET TREATS: The Te Henui District Girl Guides will hit the streets this Saturday from 10am-2pm to sell the well-loved treats for their annual fundraiser.

Caitlyn Sewell-Monod is a veteran Girl Guide biscuit seller.

The 9-year-old will be in her fifth year of selling the well-loved cookies and this Saturday she will be out with her fellow Te Henui District Girl Guides, selling the treats for its annual fundraiser.

Door knocking, setting up stalls and placing oneself strategically outside shops are among the methods employed to get the cookies into customers' hands.

The Te Henui girls have 585 cartons of cookies to sell. That is 9435 packets of mixed originals, chocolate dipped and mini-chocolate dipped biscuits for sale.

Each packet is sold for $3.50 which will go towards funding the girls' various outdoor activities.

Caitlyn said she enjoyed both the social and outdoor aspect involved with selling the cookies.

"I like going to the supermarkets and sitting outside at the stalls," she said.

Te Henui District co-ordinator Vicki Frewin said people are buying into the girls' future when they buy the biscuits.

"The money goes towards camps, kayaking, rock climbing," Ms Frewin said. "Otherwise its just too dear with just our unit budget."


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