Looking for homes for retired racing dogs

16:00, Feb 26 2014

Be prepared to be hounded for your loose change if you intend to venture into town on Saturday.

The Taranaki branch of Greyhounds as Pets is having its first appeal day this weekend in New Plymouth.

The charitable trust is dedicated to re-homing retired racing greyhounds. It needs the funding to cover the costs of housing the dogs before they find a new home so collectors will be outside Centre City on Saturday.

Area co-ordinator Denis Putt said the leggy retired racers were a hit on the street.

"The dogs always attract plenty of attention when they're out in public," Mr Putt said. "They sort of sell themselves, all we've got to do is hold the bucket while people put money in."

People were often surprised by how gentle and affectionate greyhounds were. "They're actually fantastic dogs. It was the first dog I got when I was looking for one that didn't bark a lot and wasn't in your face all the time.


"Most of the time they're content lying on the couch and chilling out," Mr Putt said.

They took a while to settle into a domestic situation and had to adjust to things like vacuum cleaners and televisions. "Ours ran into the ranchslider when we first got him. He had a bit of a bruised nose but he only did it once."

Like most dogs, greyhounds are active and need daily exercise.

The area co-ordinators checked the homes of potential owners prior to adoption.

"We see if there are any cats, kids, other dogs, then we'll tee up a dog that will be suited to that situation," Mr Putt said.

All the dogs are desexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated before going to their new home.

To find out more about adopting a greyhound call Mr Putt on 06 755 1326 or 021 456 461.

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