Stratford council accepts alcohol policy proposal for town

16:00, Feb 26 2014

Stratford residents will soon be able to have their say on the sale and supply of alcohol in their town. At Tuesday's council meeting, the local alcohol policy proposal was accepted by councillors, and will be sent out for public consultation.

"This first and foremost is a community policy," said director of community and environmental services Mike Avery.

He said there had been six months of pre-consultation as part of the development of the policy, which included feedback from police and the region's medical officer of health.

"There's been a fair bit of give and take along the way," Mr Avery said.

The policy, if formally adopted, will cover not only Stratford but the New Plymouth district as well.

Some of the policy's provisions include restrictions on where bottle stores can be located, a 2am closing time for on-licence premises and the implementation of a one-way door policy which would stop patrons from entering a bar after a certain time.


The proposal in the main was supported by councillors, although one, John Sandford, highlighted a concern he had about the proposed time restriction on supermarket alcohol sales.

The policy recommends supermarket sales be restricted to 10am-9pm Monday to Sunday.

Mr Avery said it was likely submissions would be received from supermarket operators on this issue as this had already happened in other regions.

The proposal will be released for public consultation on March 12 with submissions to be made before April 9.

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