Nudists taking plunge

16:00, Feb 27 2014

The Taranaki Naturists Club's annual nude beach walk will start with a splash this weekend - it coincides with the opening of their new pool.

"It's a bit of nuddy r'n'r," the club's president Arthur Eagles said.

And with sunshine forecast for the weekend, members will be sure to be applying plenty of sunscreen during the "pool party extravaganza", which kicks off at 5 this evening.

Mr Eagles said a new 12 metre pool had been funded partly by a TSB Community Trust grant and partly by fundraising.

The pool had been erected in the club's 2.2ha club grounds at the mouth of the Waiongana Stream, near Waitara, which also had a camping area, tennis courts and club rooms - all nude friendly.

"It's like a motor camp," Mr Eagles said.


"But if people don't want to wear clothes, they don't have to."

He said there was a lot of misinformation about what went on at the naturist club.

"Some people think they know more about us than we do," he said.

"But we're family oriented."

Mr Eagles said people interested in coming along could turn up any time at the weekend.

He said there would be visitors coming from all around the country.

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