Cyclist says ban cyclists

As the name suggests, the Coastal Walkway is just that and is used by many, the majority of whom seem oblivious of the fact that cyclists use it too.

Walking in groups, ignoring warning bells, etc, make for a stressful ride.

I was bowled from my bike on Tuesday by a pedestrian turning straight in front of me; I ended up thrown on to parked cars. My helmet saved me from serious injury but am left badly bruised all over.

My complaint is that the walkway is not designed for cyclists, too narrow in parts to have designated pedestrian/ cyclist areas. There are no signs warning pedestrians to look out for cyclists - this is an accident waiting to happen. How many lie unreported already? Do we wait for someone to be seriously injured before anything changes?

Pedestrians complain that cyclists ride too fast, children are at risk yet nothing is done to separate the two entirely different pursuits. I have been cycling the walkway for the past three years and the situation is getting worse as more people use it.

This is a pedestrian walkway - ban cycles in popular areas and accept that it is not suitable for both. Particularly as many cyclists now use this a training course, riding at speeds not conducive to pedestrian safety.

An alternative route for cyclists would be a solution!


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News