Dog vs seal

02:42, Mar 04 2014
tdn dog stand
A seal and a dog meet on Back Beach

This tense face off between a seal and a dog on Back Beach was captured by Ryan Blackburn Coombridge on Sunday.

He said the animals had appeared curious of each other, but the dog was a bit frightened.

We asked our Facebook fans to caption the photo. Here's some of what they came up with:

Tarn Blink: What the hell is that breed of dog? ... (says the dog)
Deanna Beard: "MY beach"
Laura Clarke Shannon Moeke: Rock, rock, rock..... oh wait no seal!
Stephen Rowlands: Jog on son
Cecily Robinson: Don't talk to me like that or I'll stab you with my tail!
Melanie Scott On your marks, get set.............
Jeni Kearns: You call that a bark
Ruby Downey: Seal of Disapproval.......

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