Hygiene ratings go public

16:00, Mar 06 2014

The details of failed health inspections of food premises may soon be made public in New Plymouth.

Since October last year 19 food outlets failed their health inspection.

More than 520 health inspections were carried out on 397 food premises, and the 19 that failed were mainly due to the cleanliness of the shop or the food handling practices,

Mary-Anne Priest, New Plymouth District Council's manager of customer and regulatory services, said.

The failed businesses were given a timeframe to fix the problems and were all successful in doing so.

The council is hoping to introduce a new bylaw and system which will see businesses rated on an A to E scale, with A being the best and E bordering on the shop being closed down.


The results of every health inspection of every food business would then be made available via the council's website.

"The results are definitely in the public interest," Mrs Priest said.

"People want to know that where they are eating is clean."

Auckland City Council currently has the same system and the NPDC would be basing its new model on the one already in practice.

All 397 food premises have been notified and invited to workshops about the changes.

The new bylaws will mean food businesses will have to display their A to E rating on their window so customers could see it before choosing to eat somewhere.

The proposed new bylaw would be up for full council discussion before June.

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