Taranaki Rescue Helicopter busy

11:25, Mar 09 2014
Taranaki rescue helicopter
A woman is winched from a fishing vessel off the Waverly coast.

Four people had to be flown to safety by the Taranaki rescue helicopter in two separate weekend rescues.

Yesterday, a woman was winched to safety, after a mishap on a fishing boat off the Waverley Coast.

About 10.15am, the woman slipped and fell backwards on the 5.5-metre boat injuring herself.

taranaki rescue helicopter
Treacherous terrain: A picture taken looking out the side window near the top of Mt Taranaki where three people needed assistance.

The rescue helicopter crew used a hoist to pick up the woman and she was flown to Whanganui Hospital in a comfortable condition.

On Saturday three South Taranaki people became stranded in ice near the summit of Mt Taranaki and needed to be flown to safety.

The three raised the alarm just before 3pm after they began their descent and found themselves in ice and scoria, SAR police co-ordinator Senior Constable Vaughan Smith said.


The helicopter crew located the three off the main track and moved them to a safe location on Fanthams Peak.

The party was made up of one woman and two men aged in their 20s.

"They are all fine," Mr Smith said.

"It's still summer and people don't realise things change up the mountain.

"People just don't expect ice on the ground.

"They've been caught out like most do [when they strike trouble]."

The rescue was successfully completed about 4.30pm.

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