Woman attempted suicide after abuse

16:00, Mar 12 2014

A woman unable to cope with prolonged abuse at the hands of her partner attempted to kill herself with an overdose.

But while she lay unconscious he bashed and throttled her.

When she came around she found she had two black eyes, a bruised neck and was barely able to move because of the pain all over her body.

His explanation to her was that he was trying to get the pills out of her system and had saved her life.

The shocking story of the extended abuse was revealed in the Crown summary filed in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

It outlines four months - from April to August last year - of extreme domestic abuse after they attempted a reconciliation.


In the New Plymouth District Court her abuser, Kahutia Kaihote Mita, 32, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to a raft of charges relating to incidents the woman finally disclosed to medics at Taranaki Base Hospital's emergency department following her suicide attempt.

The charges included two of injuring her with intent, male assaults female and threatening to kill her. A further charge of sexual violation was dropped.

Judge Allan Roberts said violence, involving Mita's prolonged, gratuitous behaviour towards his partner, punctuated the reunion between the two.

Aggravating factors included his pattern of violence, which included choking women until they were unconscious and his victim's high level of vulnerability.

The summary says the two were in an on-and-off de facto relationship for several years and got back together.

In July and August, he assaulted her, which she did not report.

On August 20, while she was at her mother's he sent her pleading texts to return to him and threatened to kill her mother.

"Before I die, she will," he texted to her.

On August 22 at the New Plymouth Library, after she inquired about a job, he became angry and kicked a wall.

She was embarrassed and when she began to cry he threatened to throw her down the steps.

The same day she attempted suicide, believing she could no longer deal with his abusive behaviour. She quickly became unconscious after taking an overdose of sleeping pills and codeine-based painkillers.

When Mita found her he realised she had taken an overdose but rather than calling an ambulance, he beat his unconscious victim, striking her in the head, face, arms, torso and legs.

Bruising to her throat also indicated he had tried to strangle her.

When she awoke on the next day she was groggy and naked from the waist down and it was painful to move.

He told her the injuries, which included two black eyes, and extensive bruising was him trying to get the pills out of her and save her life.

When she started shivering uncontrollably, he dropped her off at the emergency department at the hospital.

Before he did so he led her through a role play directing her to tell the nurses she had been assaulted by two females.

When in the emergency department the story was not believed and she finally revealed the truth. A lengthy medical examination was carried out by a specialist doctor.

Mita, who in pleading guilty accepted a sentencing indication from Judge Roberts last week, waived his right to a pre-sentence report.

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