Never ending story

Unreported doesn't like starting out with a telling off, but we think there is no avoiding it today. This one is to thin-skinned reporters complaining of the cringing they must do when a top official in a Taranaki court warns juries against reading their news stories about the case and that newspapers "exist solely to sell newspapers". What's the big deal? It's not as though we believe reporter's propaganda about court stories helping ensure justice is seen to be done. Or that newspapers and their reporters prevent corruption, allow democracies to flourish and give the disempowered a voice. Hold on, have we got things the wrong way around?

Check before you dig

We're the first to admit what we don't know far outweighs what we do know. We used to feel like this put us in a minority but luckily we now know there are heaps of people with the same problem, at least in New Plymouth where they are called construction workers. Recent evidence would indicate they, like us, are just blundering along in this world with hardly a clue, especially when they are digging and there are gas mains around.

Looking on the . . .

Talking of fossil fuel we turn to the Brightside of life, a new four page publication looking at the "positive side" of the oil and gas industry in Taranaki. Now Unreported was a little bit dubious of this wee fledgling venture last year, after its attempts to recruit Taranaki Daily News reporters to its cause. But we now take our hats off to them. Because somehow they not only got Australian movie star Adele Vuko to move to New Plymouth for their most recent edition, they then managed to track her down and get her to recommend the Snug bar as a great place to eat. Like, wow man.

Tolerance, please

To depart from tall stories we will finish this week with a call for patience. With Womad in New Plymouth this weekend there will be many people on the roads unfamiliar with the Taranaki style of driving. There is no time to educate them in our ways, so instead lets everyone try to indicate when they turn, don't speed up when a car on the one- way dares to change lanes in front of you and refrain from leaning on your horn if someone pauses for one second when the light is green. Thanks in advance.

Tweet of the week

@PeopleofNZ: Everyone's worried about the potential cyclone, but I'm like 'YAY RAIN!! An excuse to not leave the house, but instead read and knit!'

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