Team with dream ready for relay

16:00, Mar 17 2014

On Saturday the crew from the House of Travel New Plymouth will be travelling around the Relay for Life course, with a luxury stopover in an Asian-themed tent.

House of Travel co-owner/director Dave Churchman was 9 when his mother, Phylis, was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and 26 when she died.

He said his mother would go into remission, then the cancer would come back.

It wasn't too big a deal when he was young.

"You live a very sheltered life with parents who love you. I knew what was going on, but you haven't got any understanding of what it is . . . just Mum was away for a bit."

Mr Churchman said he had a great life, because his parents appreciated life was fragile so tried to give him everything. As he grew older, his understanding of what was going on also grew.


"Obviously it was an emotional time. I don't like to dwell on the downside. Mum, while fighting her cancer, always wanted to be positive about it."

He said his mum was his motivation for taking part in Relay for Life, and other people in the office also had close family members who had had cancer.

"We are an enthusiastic bunch when it comes to raising money for charity, and particularly one such as the Cancer Society's Relay for Life; sadly all of us here have had cancer touch our lives in some way and we want to do something about that."

So far the Hot to Trot team had raised $3250 and was aiming for $5000 by today so it would earn the title of Dream Team.

Hot to Trot team manager Tracey Edgecombe said they had planned an Asian-themed tent with a queen-sized bed in case someone needed a bit of a lie-down after their walk. Anyone visiting the tent would be able to get a foot massage for a donation.

Cancer Society spokeswoman Lauree Tito said she hoped Hot to Trot achieved its Dream Team status.

All monies raised during Relay For Life would go to helping the Cancer Society deliver much-needed services for local patients, caregivers and their families, she said.

Relay for Life Taranaki will be held on Saturday at the Pukekura Raceway Function Centre, New Plymouth.

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