Diversion diverted

00:33, Mar 19 2014

An Eltham man who forgot to complete his diversion has been convicted for assaulting his child.

In the Hawera District Court yesterday Joshua Aaron Edwards, 24, a beneficiary, pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting his three year old child.

As a first time offender, Edwards was originally offered diversion, which would have seen him avoid a conviction.

However, he failed to complete it.

''Diversion had slipped his mind,'' said Edwards' lawyer Natalie Bradley.

According to the police summary, in October last year Edwards was struggling to discipline his child, who had been talking back to him.


When the child continued to disobey him, Edwards slapped him in the face with an open hand, leaving a bloody lip.

The child now resides in the care of his grandmother.

Judge Paul Whitehead said although the child's defiance had challenged the defendant, his reaction to it was unacceptable.

''There is no excuse to hit any person, let alone a child,'' the judge said.

Judge Whitehead convicted Edwards and ordered him to come up if called upon within nine months.

The defendant was also ordered to pay court costs of $130.

Taranaki Daily News