Lads to be proud of

I met two young men on Saturday afternoon who are probably Taranaki locals. They deserve an accolade and here's why. I happened to be first on the scene as a car drove off a cliff in the Awakino Gorge. As I struggled (middle aged woman here) down the cliff to the wreckage below, a truck squealed to a stop and two teenage boys leapt out and tore down the cliff and were at the car before me.

Luckily the driver was unhurt and the boys managed to help him back up the hill. Then they and the adult truck driver waited for emergency services.

Point is, these boys didn't hesitate to help. I have a teenage son their age and I hope that he would do the same thing - the right thing. Good on you boys. You are sons and brothers, cousins and friends to be proud of.



Taranaki Daily News