Under-age sex charge admitted

20:07, Mar 20 2014

A 19-year-old New Plymouth man has admitted having sex with a 13-year-old girl two years ago.

In the New Plymouth District Court on Wednesday, Zion Allan Whyte pleaded guilty to having sexual connection with a girl aged between 12 and 16.

The summary of facts stated the two met at a party in a house opposite her home.

The girl and her sister went back and forth between the two houses.

Whyte sent a text asking the girl if she wanted to have sex.

She replied no.


She told her sister, who then told Whyte to leave her alone because she was only 13.

Whyte, the 13-year-old girl and others at the party went to the local BMX track and then on to a school campus where the girl performed oral sex on Whyte and they had intercourse.

She was later taken to the doctor, complaining of pain.

Whyte told police the girl said she was 16, and said he was very drunk that night.

He will be sentenced on April 24.

Taranaki Daily News