Strict bail for robbery accused

One of two men charged with the violent robbery of a Spotswood service station while armed with a knife has been released on bail.

Taranaki men Kenneth Burns and Terrance Riddle were remanded in custody following their arrests earlier this month.

Both were charged with the aggravated robbery of two service station attendants on March 3.

Following a bail hearing in the New Plymouth District Court on Thursday, Judge Whitehead, a visiting judge, released Riddle on a 24-hour curfew.

Police argued against the release. Prosecuting Sergeant Craig Jones said police believed Riddle was a high flight risk.

Police had now found the suspected getaway vehicle, a blue Subaru stationwagon, Mr Jones said.

The judge said police would keep a close watch on Riddle, who would be remanded in custody if he broke his bail conditions.

Part of the conditions included Riddle not being allowed to associate with Burns nor contact the alleged robbery victims.

Both Burns and Riddle pleaded not guilty to the robbery, electing trial by jury.

Burns also pleaded not guilty to a theft charge and five breaches of release conditions. He consented to a remand in custody.

Both men are to reappear on May 8 for a case review hearing.

Taranaki Daily News