Council: Leak not a high priority

Concerned Lemon St resident Lester Wells with a water leak outside his house.
Concerned Lemon St resident Lester Wells with a water leak outside his house.

While New Plymouth residents are under strict instructions from the council to conserve water, a leak on Lemon St has some scratching their heads.

A half square metre of asphalt near the corner of Lemon and Hobson streets has cracked and a steady flow of water was streaming out of the gaps, into the gutter.

According to Lemon St resident Lester Wells, the leak began about Wednesday last week.

Mr Wells said the water had not stopped since it started flowing last week and the road looked like it was going to turn into a sink-hole.

He was surprised it had not been fixed yet.

"I thought they'd be here this morning, because there's a water shortage," he said yesterday.

The New Plymouth District Council's manager of water and wastes, Mark Hall, said he could see the irony of the situation, but the leak had been assessed as a priority-three job and passed on to contractors, who had five days to fix it.

"The reality is that we've assessed it as a p-three based on how much water is being lost."

Mr Hall said gas pipes and power cables would need to be marked and the road would need to be dug up to fix the leak, which would probably be done tomorrow.

"We appreciate people calling in water leaks.

"We repair them as quickly as possible but we do need to prioritise them depending upon their severity, location and the type of repair needed."

Meanwhile, water restrictions in the district remain in place.

According to the council, the weekend's water use across the district rose by 14 per cent compared with the previous weekend, rising from 62.028 million litres to 70.552 million litres.

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